Anonymous: We call each other Love. We make love. But, we don't love. So what are we doing? And what's love exactly?


We are merely jumping like a monkey from one form of desire and security to another. Can love be made? Or does it arise on its own when you understand what is not love?



For refugees, lack of funding means delayed processing and insufficient aid. For Iraqis, it often means extended periods without any aid at all.

Nada Qasim fled from Baghdad in November with her seven children and husband, targeted by extremists for having worked with American soldiers.

Paint flakes off the walls of the bare apartment that they pay $225 per month to rent. Nada’s sister, married to a Kurd in northern Iraq, sends them rent money each month. The family depends on charities for everything else.


Son Kul Reggie de With

Son Kul is a mountain lake in the Central Tian Shan range, virtually in the centre of Kyrgyzstan. One translation of the name is «The Last Lake».